What are AdWords Scripts and how to use top AdWords Scripts for free

Google Ads (formerly: AdWords) allows you to control your account , manage campaigns, manage bidding , generate reports etc. using JavaScript codes. These codes are called Google ads scripts or AdWords scripts. The coolest partee is that you can automate a whole bunch of routine tasks & focus all the human effort towards more strategic initiatives. It also allows you to manage large accounts without on-boarding an army of bid managers.

There is a misconception that using AdWords scripts require your team to have JavaScript development experience. To be honest that’s not totally true today in 2019. I will tell you why.

While coding skills would make things easier for sure but even without it you are not left totally in the dark. However, you need to be ready to scout for codes available already, make tweaks (basically changing values to suite your business needs) & then deploying them to your AdWords account.

It’ actually easier done than said. Read on to understand how.

Where to Scout for Top AdWords scripts

Actually there are plenty of sources out there today. There are some great humans who not only invested time to write the scripts but also were generous enough to publish the codes and make them available for Free. From my experience , here are some of the best sources:

Google’s own repository

Note that the AdWords Scripts basically make use of AdWords API. Thus, know one understands them as well Google’s own developers do. Google has some great repositories out there for ready to use Scripts supplemented with ample documentation.

Here are some of the links:

These repositories are actively maintained & continuously updated. They should be good enough for all your typical requirements.

Free AdWords scripts

Free AdWords Scripts is another great source of scripts authored by muliple authors & maintained by Optmyzer. It claims that it’s always on and always free. The documentation however isn’t as exhaustive as Google’s repository.


GitHub is a great place to scout for Free to use codes. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find all the AdWords Git pages in one list. The best way to approach would be to search “AdWords scripts GitHub“.

Here are some of the authors that I could identify:

Curated list by Koozai

Koozai has published a curated list of top-100 useful AdWords scripts. Most of these top AdWords scripts are available in the above mentioned repositories. However, I like how the article has mapped available scripts to the usual account management issues. Definitely worth a read.

Scout AdWords Scripts on DigitalMarketingChef:

On Digital Marketing Chef, I keep posting scripts as and when I create them. You may find some of them useful.

How to customize an AdWords Scripts

Now that you know where to find ready to use AdWords scripts, your task at hand is to figure out how to customize them for your business needs. Let’s understand how to do that using a simple example.

The below code can be used to add an Ad-Group to a particular Campaign.

Before we get on to analyzing the code let’s think about what variables would we need to customize. In this case we need to specify the Campaign name & the Ad Group name. Now let’s take a look at the code:

function addAdGroup() {
  var campaignIterator = AdsApp.campaigns()
      .withCondition('Name = "INSERT_CAMPAIGN_NAME_HERE"')
  if (campaignIterator.hasNext()) {
    var campaign = campaignIterator.next();
    var adGroupOperation = campaign.newAdGroupBuilder()

I have taken an example from Google’s repository. Here the code explicitly mentions where we need to make the changes. In this we need to replace “INSERT_CAMPAIGN_NAME_HERE” with the actual campaign name & the “INSERT_ADGROUP_NAME_HERE” with the actual ad-group name. That’s it ! We are now all set to deploy the code to our AdWords account.

Deploying Scripts to your AdWords account

This step is really simple. In the top-nav of your account you will notice a button called “tools” . Under tools you can find a link to “scripts” (under column “bulk actions”). You need to click on Scripts.

Where "scripts" link can be found in your AdWords account
Check under “bulk actions”

On Clicking Scripts you will taken to the Scripts page. On the left corner there is a “+” sign, which you need to click to enter the new script editor:

Click the blue “+” sign on the left

In the script editor you need to paste the customized script & then save. Ofcourse, before the script can act on your behalf you need to authorize using the button on top. Here’ how it looks like:

This is what the Script editor looks like

And that’s it! You are all set to ease your workload using AdWords Scripts.