Top 5 SEO Mistakes in 2019

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.” – Ancient tribal wisdom

Saving your site from irrelevance.

1. Ignoring mobile users will hurt your organic performance

Year on year the percentage of users accessing the internet through mobile is on the rise. Your site has to be empathetic to the needs of the mobile users to stay relevant. Search engines have been talking about a mobile-first experience for quite some time. Sites that load better on a slow 3G/4G connection experience an outright advantage in ranks.

This article helps you get started with mobile SEO.

2. Keyword stuffing will lead your site to a slow death

Back in the days, search engines like Google used to be relatively naive. Those where the good old days of black-hat SEO content writers who created content not for readers but for the search engines. Today , try doing that and you will piss off both. Search engines no longer just bank on high-school level metrics like “keyword density” . They are smart enough to use complex NLP algorithms like TFIDF (term frequency inverse document frequency), LDA (latent dirichlet allocation) etc to understand relevance.

As an SEO , you don’t need to get a part-time degree in machine learning. Just invest your time in creating good content. In simple words: Write what you would enjoy reading too!

You may also find the following non-technical introduction to TFIDF interesting.

3. Google is investing in Schema, and so must you

Schema implementation supplies search engines with structured data that it needs for quickly understanding what your page is about. Search engines love it when you make their job easier. For the non-technical, Schema may seem a bit overwhelming (just like anything else that’s within the <script> tags) – but honestly it isn’t that difficult.

To get started you could check the following blog.

4. If you are still posting comments on blogs for SEO gains – find another job.

Sorry if I sound rude, but most blogs by default have “no-follow” set for their comments. In other words the back-links that you post there won’t add up to your authority. So in 2019, how do you build authority ? Definitely it’s tougher than the good old days of “black hat magic”. You have to get real “back-links” awarded by real websites (which by the way need to have good authority too) .

Learn more on building backlinks in 2019.

5. Content is king – search engines hate evil kings

Be careful about the quality of your content. Search engines especially hate sites that spread misinformation. Ensure that the information that you provide is validated. In case of opinion pieces, your content shouldn’t qualify as hate speech ( however true you may consider yourself to be).