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Using a SEO ROI calculator is important when you need to decide whether or not you should invest in SEO content creation. The below SEO ROI calculator will help you channel your SEO investments in the right direction. Do try it out for free !

Simple Calculator for Calculating SEO ROI

Revenue from SEO traffic

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How to use the SEO ROI Calculator

The SEO ROI Calculator calculates ROI based on the following formula:

SEO ROI = (Revenue - Cost) / Cost

To use the calculator properly, you need to enter the right values for the different cost heads & revenue heads.

Costs involved in SEO content Creation

There are 2 major cost-heads involved in the page creation process :

a. Content Writing Cost : This is the money that is charged by the content writer. The Content Writing cost shoots up when you create long-form awareness content. This is because, per word pricing is very popular in the field of content writing.

b. Development Cost: Development cost includes cost of deploying a page as well cost of writing specific codes. In case , of pure blog pages the development cost may not be too high if you are using a CMS like WordPress. The development cost becomes important when you are using custom codes in the page. For example, this particular page hosts a JavaScripts based calculator tool. Thus, the development cost for this page would be relatively higher.

Revenue from SEO content Creation

There could be 2 major ways of earning revenue from a web-page :

a. Revenue from Sales: If you are using your site to sell products , the primary revenue would be revenue from sales. To predict the same you need to understand the conversion rate (CVR) which is nothing but the percent of visitors who end up making a purchase. This model is applicable from Affiliate sites as well. You also need to careful in predicting the revenue that you could make per sale.

b. Revenue from Ads: The other way to make money from content is to show ads on your blog. When visitors click on Ads , you end up making money. To predict the Ad revenue correctly you need to be able to forecast the the number of ad impressions, ad CTR and expected revenue per ad-click.

Predicting the number of Organic Visitors to your page

To make correct estimations about revenue, you need to ensure that you are being realistic in predicting the number of organic visitors to your page. If your page ranks high on high volume keywords – you can expect a high traffic flow. To predict a realistic visitor count, you need to be sure about the target search volume. For expected CTR, it’s best to check how your other pages perform when they rank high for the target keywords.

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