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What is TF-IDF and why does it matter for SEO

There are several NLP algorithms that search engines use today to determine relevance. One such algorithm is Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency (TFIDF). In a simple non-technical way learn how TF IDF works for SEO.

Top 5 SEO mistakes in 2019

Nothing generic. The Chef’s handpicked list of top 5 SEO mistakes that can kill a site in 2019.

Getting started with mobile SEO

Since 2015, Google has been focused on ensuring that mobile friendly pages enjoy an unfair advantage in search results. Quite a few updates , including their “mobile first” mandate sends home the message loud & clear : “The future of SEO is Mobile SEO!”

Web Scraping in Python using BeautifulSoup

Get started with Web Scraping in Python using Requests and BeautifulSoup modules. Simple tutorial with code examples.

Web Scraping without coding – easiest way to build your own Web Scraper

Web Scraping  is a technique used for extracting large amounts of data from websites. You can then save and analyze the extracted data.  Learn how to build a web scraper without coding using importxml function in Google Sheets.

What are AdWords Scripts and how to use top AdWords Scripts for free

Google Ads (formerly: AdWords) allows you to control your account , manage campaigns, manage bidding , generate reports etc. using JavaScript codes. These codes are called Google ads scripts or AdWords scripts.  In this article I will about how you can use top AdWords scripts available for free without much coding.

Using split function to generate sub-strings from strings in Python

Python in general is a fantastic language for all kinds of string handling. In this article we will learn how to do python string handling with special emphasis on split function.